Innovative Urine Sampling Cup

- Stress-free Urine Sampling for young children, Women and the Elderly -

URINE Raku-Ryu Cup

By sticking the cup on the toilet seat,
anyone can take urine samples with ease.
Chosen by many people worldwide.

Many women and young children are in trouble for urine sampling

URINE Raku-Ryu Cup
reduces stress in urine sampling and helps ensure dependable,
hygienic urine sampling in 3 easy steps.
  1. STEP1:Stick it on the toilet seat.

  2. STEP2:Suck with a syringe and put into the urine sampling tube.

  3. STEP3:Flush to the toilet after use.

Three reasons for choosing URINE Raku-Ryu Cup


    Comfortable body position
    in urine sampling

    Urine sampling in comfort even for people
    with difficulty due to age or body shape

  2. CLEAN

    Hands and fingers
    don't get dirty

    Hygienic since no contact with urine in sampling

  3. EASY

    No need for washing the cup,
    nothing to throw in trash

    No need for washing the cup and disposal in trash,
    since the cup is flushed to the toilet after use.

Convenient features of Raku-Ryu Cup for Urine

Unique surface treatment

The unique surface treatment enables water resistance for a certain period of time and can capture even a small amount of urine from children.(140ml max.)

[Video showing how to use]


Catalog number

Foldable Catalog number:OZOH
Folded size
Length: 8.3inch
Width : 4.1inch
Thickness : 0.9inch
Unfolded size
Length: 9.4inch
Width : 13.4nch
Thickness : 2.1inch

Product contents

  • Product
  • Supplied syringe(The syringe does not come with a cap.)

Shape and size of toilet seat to be installed

Size of
toilet seat

Toilet seat for adult
Length:7inch or more
Width:11 inch or less
Training seat for a child
Compatible with most manufacturers

Some special shaped toilet seats cannot be installed.

Shape of toilet seat

Urine may leak through the gap between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. The use of a training seat is recommended.

URINE Raku-Ryu Cup supports urine sampling in various situations

  • Self-check
  • Medical check-up
  • School health check-up

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For people's health and
happy faces worldwide